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The Residential Panning Solution.  Significantly reduces duct noises and labor.  Requires no shop fabrication. *All ThermoPan now fire-resistant.  Click here for more details



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THERMO SEALANTS & FOAMS - The best sealants for all of your HVAC and general construction needs!   Find out more


Thermo Manufacturing is Dedicated to Developing Innovative Products for the Heating and Cooling Industry

Incorporated in 1992, Thermo Manufacturing resulted from a series of ideas founder Darryl L. Snyder had for many years while he was an HVAC contractor. Snyder's credentials as a sheetmetal journeyman contributed to his ability to find solutions to longstanding HVAC problems. His first creation was Thermo-Pan®, a lightweight, sound absorbing alternative to the sheetmetal used in return air ducts.


In addition to Thermo-Pan®, the company has created an entire family of products to make installations easier and more professional-looking for the contractor. All Thermo products are designed to be simple, cost savings, and functional... hence... the THERMO ADVANTAGE. Although the research and development of new products is key to the future of Thermo Manufacturing, sticking to tried and true business principles has been fundamental to the company's continued success. Thermo believes one of these principles as a manufacturer is to remain loyal to its HVAC wholesaler network. Wholesalers across North America appreciate this commitment and have reciprocated with their own brand of loyalty to Thermo's outstanding service and product quality.

Our Products Thermo Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Compliant

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